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Spring Tinkergarten: Creativity 

This Spring, we focus creativity—the ability to imagine original ideas or solutions to problems and bring them to life.

We'll help kids develop creative mindsets and strategies they can use throughout their lives to invent new things, solve problems, express their ideas and feelings, and to nurture relationships. We’ll do it all through enriching, outdoor play!

Who: Ages 1.5-6 with a caregiver. Younger Siblings can attend for free

Dates: May 2- June 6 (6 weeks) 

When: Thursdays 10am-11am

Location: Princess Anne Commons Gateway Park 

Cost: $125- 1st child, additional children $100 each  

12 Spots Remaining  

Register here: 

Week 1: Breaking and Making

We’ll kick off our Creativity series by embracing destructive play! We'll pick and pluck various natural objects apart. Then, we gather up the loose parts and bring them together to create something new. 

Week 2: It's Not A...

Today we'll discover some objects that look familiar, but they are not what they appear to be! Together we'll lean into divergent thinking and explore the endless possibilities of what our ‘not-a-objects’ can become. 

Week 3: Water Works

This time we have a problem to solve: How can we move water from here to there? We'll think creatively, explore all possibilities, and test strategies as we solve the problem together. 

Week 4: Catching Colors

Today we discover an invitation to create a masterpiece, but we don't know what to make! We'll lean into the process of art making, rather than the final product and share joy in freely exploring color together. 

Week 5: Clay Creations

In this lesson we take inspiration from the shapes and patterns of the natural world as we mold, stick, and shape forest putty and nature treasures into our own sculptures. 

Week 6: Earth Parade

We'll use homemade drums to explore the different patterns and rhythms we can create, just like many creatures do to communicate. Then, we'll use our drums and colorful streamers to parade and express our gratitude for the earth and all we've shared together this season. 

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